About Institute

The Post-Crisis World Institute Foundation is an independent analytical centre established in Moscow in early 2009, at the initiative of several well-known Russian public and professional organizations, including the Public Opinion Foundation (www.fom.ru), Stock Market Development Centre (www.crfr.ru), the non-commercial partnership “Business Solidarity” (www.kapitalisty.ru) and others.

The Institute’s activities aim to foster dialogue among representatives of expert community, business circles, civil society and government structures in order to support efficient anti-crisis decision-making.

In February-March 2009, the Post-Crisis World Institute conducted international survey Post-USSR: Assessing Government Anti-Crisis Actions. Evaluating anti-crisis actions undertaken by the governments across the former Soviet space, the project received high praise in the international expert community. The report is available at: http://eng.postcrisisworld.org/files/all_preview.pdf.

The report has been widely presented in mass-media and sent over to the governments of the former Soviet countries. This research project became in some way a feedback to the governments of the former USSR countries from the business-community. On the basis of the carried out research project the business-community has come up with concrete proposals on the development of national and international anti-crisis initiatives.

In April-May 2009 the Institute has conducted the second international research project: The Financial Architecture of the Post-Crisis World: Efficiency of Solutions. We have collected and analysed opinions of the world’s leading economists, financial analysts, politicians and business figures on the challenge of designing the new rules of the game for the global financial system.

The Institute is planning to start the following research projects soon:

* Monitoring the efficiency of governmental anti-crisis programs in the Post-USSR states
* Preparing a research survey “The Turning Point of the Trend: Economic, Social and Political Results of the Year 2009”
* Concept development of the countries’ investment attractiveness assessment system
* Preparing research survey “New Resources and The New Role of Small and Medium Business in Russia”
* Preparing research survey “Assessment of National Strategies on Development of International Financial Centers”
* Scenarios development of the reform of the world financial system

The Institute is opened for cooperation with all individuals and organizations that share common goals and values.

Post-Crisis World Institute