The Foundation “Post-Crisis World Institute” became a winner of the open tender for NGOs and non-commercial organizations in the field of project implementation aimed at health and environment protection. The tender was organized by All-Russian public agency “League of National Health” with the support of RF President. Tender subject was “Peaceful atom: a new analysis quality and a new approach to environment and health protection or cancellation of usage.”    

Issues of environment protection, ecological safety became especially actual after catastrophe at Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant (in March 2011), which had provoked serious environmental pollution. The catastrophe posed once more a question about ensuring safety of nuclear power objects and acutely sharpened a conflict between advocates and antagonists of further development of this industry as a whole.

Apparently confrontation of “peaceful atom” advocates and antagonists exists in Russia as well, but public discussion on these issues is practically missed in our country. At the same time strengthening of nuclear power safety culture in Russia demands more extensive participation and involvement of governmental bodies, business community, independent experts and NGOs. Proposed project is a kind of “playground” for such involvement.

The project aimed at providing environment protection and ecological safety strengthening by means of elaboration of proposals to raise nuclear safety standards in Russia and to redouble radiation monitoring.

The exploration will start in November 2011.                                                  

Post-Crisis World Institute