The Post-Crisis World Foundation has started a new international research project.

Old world order is breaking down today. New trends and unknown earlier opportunities and risks are appearing. The transition from old to the future will be difficult and the path to the future will run through crisis. There is a major risk that number of today rich and strong states won’t be able to maintain their current status, while states which are “weak” today will occupy serious geo-political positions. 2050 landmark is sort of a benchmark in the process of new world order establishment. Current research work devoted to multidimensional and inevitable changes in which our planet will live in the middle of 21 century.

The report based on results of the survey “Vision 2050: A New Political and Economic Map of the World” will be officially submitted to the UN, IMF and other international organizations as well as to G-20 governments and governments of industrial states.

It is planned to hold academic and research conferences and roundtables to present aad discuss outcomes of the exploration. Information on these events will be presented at the Web-site of the Foundation.

Post-Crisis World Institute