Global Initiatives

Platform 2009

“Today principles are important. These principles are:

• Transparency of actions of the State. Economic policy actions should be developed with the active participation of business. Michael Prokhorov has offered the creation of a united anti-crisis Headquarters with the participation of the state and the business (business - which does not have conflict of interests because it needs to receive the state support). This offer is widely supported by small and medium business of the Russian Federation.

• Efficiency increase. The meaning of this crisis is in the replacement of inefficient proprietors and managers. State support to the bankrupt companies without replacement of proprietors is a destructive measure for the Russian economy: inefficiency is stimulated. The effective companies do not require the state money; they require freedom and protection of the property. It is necessary to enable fast growth to those small, medium and large enterprises that are able to stand on its own feet and successfully cope with crisis. They should create an ascending trend for the Russian economy.

• Time Efficiency. The State Duma of the Russian Federation so far has not reconsidered its Federal Budget 2009 based on the $ 95 price barrel. Two months the country has the out-of-date state budget that increases the financial risks. On February 20 in Irkutsk Dmitry Medvedev has declared that anti-crisis actions are being carried out "unacceptably slowly". For Russian business the sluggishness in State Budget revision creates the sensation of uncertainty.

• Anti-Corruption. Each anti-crisis action of the state should be tied to the decrease in corruption.

10 Proposals

1. Moratorium on the inspections of the small and medium business. The direct interdiction of such inspections will sharply limit corruption pressure upon business.

2. Tax vacation for the period of one year for small and medium business.

3. Zero tax for the period of one year for small and medium business that start their operation in the Year 2009. Zero tax for the period of one year for individual businessmen.

4. Moratorium on arrests on economic charges of businessmen prior the official court decisions.

5. Reform of tax administration.

6. Sequester of the state budget. Reduction of the State expenditure in 2009 is necessary.

7. Canceling of bonuses for a top-management of the state banks and state companies. Restriction on incomes of a top-management of state companies: wage level should be no more that that of prime-minister of the Russian Federation.

8. Nationalization for re-privatization. Change of proprietors and management of the failed corporations and banks. "Opening of debts": publication of external debts of the largest corporations, OPEN AUDIT of THEIR ACTIVITY.

9. Freezing of monopolies tariffs and tariffs of housing and communal services for 2009.

10. Moratorium on acceptance of the acts worsening business conditions.”

Post-Crisis World Institute