Takatoshi Ito, Professor of Economics at the University of Tokyo, is a former Japanese Deputy Vice-Finance Minister for International Affairs and Senior Adviser in the Research Department of the IMF.

Ever since the euro was first proposed, skeptics (mostly American) and believers (mostly European) have fiercely debated the economic preconditions for the single currency, its benefits for members, and its political feasibility. >>
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary US Treasury, Associate Editor Wall Street Journal, Professor of Political Economy Center for Strategic and International Studies Georgetown University Washington DC.

Much of the world, looking at a country that appears both stupid and inhumane, wonders at Americans fine opinion of themselves. Is America the virtuous indispensable nation of neoconservative propaganda, or is America a plague upon the world? >>
Richard N. Haass, formerly Director of Policy Planning in the US State Department, is President of The Council on Foreign Relations.

We are in a protracted period of international transition, one that began more than two decades ago with the Cold Wars end. >>
Michael Spence, the 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics, and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University. He chairs the Commission on Growth and Development.

The eurozone, currently wrestling with fiscal imbalance and sovereign debt risk, has a strong and autonomous central bank, but is fiscally fragmented and only partly unified politically. >>
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