Dani Rodrik, Professor of Political Economy at Harvard Universitys John F. Kennedy School of Government, is the first recipient of the Social Science Research Councils Albert O. Hirschman Prize. His latest book is One Economics, Many Recipes: Globalizat

Even with the worst of the crisis over, we are likely to find ourselves in a somewhat de-globalized world, one in which international trade grows at a slower pace, there is less external finance, and rich countries appetite for running large current-account deficits is significantly diminished. Will this spell doom for developing countries? >>


Leif Pagrotsky is a Swedish MP, vice president of Riksbank, and a former Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Education, Research, and Culture.

If Europe is to gain a more important role in global leadership, it must reverse its long-term economic decline. >>
Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor of Economics at Columbia University, chairs a Commission of Experts, appointed by the President of the UN General Assembly, on reforms of the international monetary and financial system.

Every downturn comes to an end. The question is how long and deep this downturn will be. In spite of some spring sprouts, we should prepare for another dark winter: its time for Plan B in bank restructuring and another dose of Keynesian medicine. >>
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