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Post-USSR: Assessing Government Anti-Crisis Actions

Author: Yury Danilov, Director of the Stock Market Development Center Foundation, Chairman of the Trust Board of The Post-Crisis World Institute Foundation".

While all the countries of the world think how to use the opportunities of present crisis to increase their share in the market, to increase the economic influence of the country, to keep the status of great power or to gain the status of great power, Russia comes with the program of preservation of "the status quo", the anti-crisis program of softening the consequences of the crisis.

In the majority of the countries such anti-crisis programs have been accepted in the last year. They have already been implemented somewhere and somewhere are being realized. One week prior to that the Europe has come to the conclusion, that anti-crisis programs are not so necessary, it’s already too late. The program of the development is necessary, the program of an exit from the crisis is necessary, the program of production stimulation, economy stimulation.  But Russia represents to the world an anti-crisis program as it is. If we are to take the measures offered by this program and to use them in the different direction, to set the other goal, to set the goal of transformation of Russia into real great power, the program will work.

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