Presentations & Publications

A sociological survey was performed in February 2009 in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The survey in Russia took place in the period January 31 to February 1 (an overall sample of 2000 respondents). The survey had been conducted by the Public Opinion Fund (FOM, Russia).

The survey in Ukraine took place on February 7th and 8th (an overall sample of 2000 respondents). The survey was conducted by the International Research Organization, FOM-Ukraine that included the methodological and network resources of two other well-known survey organizations: The Public Opinion Fund (FOM, Russia) and “The Ukrainian Marketing Group" (UMG, Kiev).

The survey in Kazakhstan took place on February 21st  and 23rd (an overall sample of 1500 respondents). The Institute of Comparative Social Research, CESSI-Kazakhstan, conducted this survey.

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