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Three crisis scenarios. Ukraine – leader or anti-hero?

For the first time in the current epoch of the world economic crisis in the former USSR countries an extensive expert research on the government anti-crisis actions has been carried out.


The analysis of the estimates and forecasts by more than 130 experts from 21 countries of the world, has allowed to draw a conclusion, that the countries of the former USSR appears as " world crisis polygon" - crisis processes develop here in more sharp, radical and more quick way. For this reason the post-Soviet territory today becomes a testing ground for of anti-crisis actions and innovations of economic policy for all the countries of the whole world.

Today post-Soviet territory is not being perceived any more entirely as "Moscow sphere of influence". In the opinion of experts the post-Soviet territory became a three-polar one. Three centers of power, three independent poles, three centers of influence and a competition are: Kiev, Moscow and Astana. Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are the three states defining "agenda" on the post-Soviet territory setting the actual political and social trends. Initiatives of these three players in many respects will define the future of this entire region.

Post-Crisis World Institute