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Post-crisis Development Models

The Foundation “Post-Crisis World Institute» is currently realizing new international exploration “Post-crisis Development Models”.

Modern world is uneasy, unstable and fatally approaches to “decision-taking point”.  The decisions couldn’t be taken without conceptualization of passed way and future scenarios analysis. This is the very moment when the society aggravates its interest to estimates and forecasts have been made by the most intelligent, informed and competent representatives of world intellectual elite.

In the course of expert survey within new research frameworks we are planning to compile and to summarize views of economists, sociologists, politicians, business representatives, journalists of different countries regarding the most important trends and developments of modern and future world.

Exploration “Post-crisis Development Models” questionnaire concerns such subjects as:
- surmounting current crisis and future crisis;
- dynamics of world development;
- human capital role;
- future leaderships.

Final report prepared on the base of the survey “Post-crisis Development Models” will be officially submitted to the UN, IMF, Financial Stability Forum and other international institutions and organizations as well as to G-20 and NICs governments. Every participant of the survey will be presented wit a copy of final report.
To present and discuss results of the exploration we plan to hold “round tables” and conferences in a number of Western Europe and CIS countries. Information on these events will be published at the Foundation Web-site.

More than 300 experts from 57 countries took part in international explorations of the Post-Crisis World Institute in 2009. Reports “Post-USSR: Assessing Government Anti-Crisis Actions” ( and “The Financial architecture of the post-crisis world: Efficiency of Solutions” ( were highly appreciated by world expert community.

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