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Wise approach and efficient reforms

Assessment of CIS governmental anti-crisis actions was presented by Alexander Buhalov, general director of LLC FOM-Ukraine, Ekaterina Shipova, head of “Institute of post-crisis world” fund, and Vitaly Sednev, leader of “Business-Solidarity” organization.

Results of public polls in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine and expert opinions of 130 economists, financial analysts, top managers, scientists, politicians and journalists from 21 countries were presented at the conference.

Social and expert polls were arranged by the Institute of post-crisis world in the frames of the international project “PostUSSR: estimation of governmental anti-crisis actions”, initiated by some companies, business communities working in post-soviet states.

Ukraine has become the main anti-hero of the global crisis: its economy is a hostage of the political situation. Many experts believe no actions to maintain financial and economic stability were taken in the country because of the long-lasting political crisis.

And that is what Ukrainian experts say about our country: Kazakhstan shows a high degree of intellectual readiness for the crisis overcoming. President N. Nazarbayev’s initiatives on stimulation of macro-regional integration, formation of strong reserve regional currencies and possibly introducing a new global reserve currency prove that the country has a clear vision of its part in the region and the world in going through the crisis, A.Yermolayev, head of “Sofia” social research center said.

Every second expert believes that Kazakhstan and Russia will be first to extricate themselves from the crisis. Moreover they are interesting to foreign investors.

A social poll, held in the frames of the research has shown that there are about 17% of pessimists in Kazakhstan and half of Russians are bracing up for worsening of the economic situation, in Ukraine 61,1% of the polled are sure “things will be going from bad to worse”.

Only 12,6% of Russians and 6,5% of Ukrainians believe in better times to come.

66% of Kazakhstanians approve the Government’s work, in Russia - 40,7%, in Ukraine – 13,5%. In Ukraine 9% of respondents tie their expectations of better times with President and 22,3% - with the Government; in our country the figures are 53,4% and 32,5% respectively.

Balance between the state interference and free market has been sought out in Kazakhstan, wise approaches in finance management. Reforms in banking and financial services have been carried out, said Igor Lutsenko, chief editor of “Finansist” site (Ukraine).


Author: Ildar Romanov

Source: KazPravda

Post-Crisis World Institute