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There can be no compromise with the current system

Author: Adriano Benayon, professor of economics at the University of Brasilia, author of Globalization versus Development

I heartily congratulate the coordinators of the survey conducted by the Post-crisis Institute for their fine work.

Indeed they gathered together a broad spectrum of informal views on the current financial and economic collapse and what might be done to have national economies put on the  sane basis.

Let me reassert the belief that for mankind to achieve this goal, indispensable for its survival assert there can be no compromise with the current system which led to chaos. It will be helpful to discard ideologies like left, right or central and work on concrete issues such as reviving national cultures as end of itself and necessarily requirement for the following essential objectives: deconcentrating  the economy, orienting production and technological development towards common good, constructing finance as means to achieve all these goals and not as an end of itself.

Post-Crisis World Institute