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Comments for the report Models of post-crisis development: global war or new consensus

Author: Greta Ross, UK, International Freelance Consultant in Health Systems Reform Member of RCGP

Thank you very much for the report which I have now read. One comment I would like to make is that people in general (not speaking here necessarily about the study's group of experts) tend to make predictive assumptions based on the idea that it is the structure and mechanics of systems which carry the power for change, whereas it has always through history been in strategic relationships - whether between countries, or internally between power brokers, institutions or politicians - and the degree of maturity of these relationships. Your report brings that out so well in the contrast between Kazakhstan and Ukraine in their handling of the recent crisis and post-crisis periods. Also, Russia in the modern world will prosper and become dominant only to the degree to which internal corruption can be contained.
Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of this fascinating study.

Post-Crisis World Institute