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On international exploration Remodeling Europe: Competition. Security. Expansion. July September 2010.

Author: Galina Kaninskaya, Russia, Professor, Department of Universal History, Yaroslavl Demidov State University

Timeliness and urgency of implemented exploration is evident both from scientific and political point of view.

From scientific point of view materials will apparently find their demand for tutorial purposes as well as for purposes of scientific publications preparation. From political point of view they will help to politicians of different echelons within preparation of speeches for addressing at forums of different levels and symposiums.

Significance and representativeness of the work done by the group of authors could be considered in three main positions. First, the work has good representativeness: it was involved opinions of 254 experts from 53 countries. Second, the report is sound from the point of view of objectiveness and impartiality of writing staff, which had been worked out a generalization of responses: as one could see from the text, different opinions were taken into account and reported to a reader without blames or exaggerative praising of selected ones. Third, the report contains voluminous statistical material presented in form of tables and diagrams.

Meanwhile it is striking reader’s eye that experts from UK are represented insignificantly (only 3 persons) and it wasn’t told much about UK itself and its position in EU.

Although, to a certain extent, this could be an original indicator of specific position of this country in EU. The conclusion was thought-out out and composed very interestingly. They found an interesting conceptual formulation of “European crisis”, “intermediate state” and three possible ways of further EU evolution. A definition of “glass curtain” deserves attention in its relation to current state of relations between EU and Russia.

It seems that the work started by group of authors has prospects to be continued in number of parameters. For instance, this could be a problem of European borders or a question whether Ukraine could become a “bridge” between EU and Russia.

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