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Review of international explorations of the Post-Crisis World Institute

Author: Michael Teltsov, Head of laboratory space radiometry, Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) Of Moscow State University

Current discussion around future of Europe and new types of financial architecture could lose their urgency. Tragedy in Japan once again puts a question regarding future of mouse and man at our planet. Global warming, ozone holes and other bogeyman stories of public conscience exist simultaneously with scientific discoveries to optimize expenditures for life activity. Both scientists and men in the street (at least overwhelming majority of them) live without looking in future… Without mentioning financiers… by the way…

It seems it could be reasonable for Foundation to pay its attention at this burning problem. It could be productive if in discussion frameworks regarding so called peaceful atom to confront position of physicists, soaking with their heads in nuclear synthesis, journalists having weakness for spine-chilling subjects, cynical medics and ecologists with their gloomy forecasts, politicians, who are seeking profits and new image-making instruments ad, of course, economists advocating benefit and financial expedience primacy. The Foundation could retrieve rational kernel from such mishmash, which could finally sprout with something useful.

Post-Crisis World Institute