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Review of international explorations of the Post-Crisis World Institute

Author: Victor Antyukhov, Vice-President of the League of National Health, CEO of the League of National Health Charity Fund

Subjects of international explorations of the “Foundation for Furtherance of Post-Crisis World Studies and Social Planning” were global economic and geopolitical processes till present. World expert community claimed for results of the reports, because authors of the reports basing on global expertise forecast, crafted “image of future”. Models of tomorrow, which would be possible under one or another turn of events, are described in details.

Recent tragedy in Japan contributed greatly to the pool of urgent world problems. How to protect a human being from such global menaces, how to preserve his/her health and life as itself, to prevent reiteration of such catastrophes? It has special meaning for Russia which had suffered from Chernobyl’s tragedy. I am sure that our country should thoroughly study world experience in the field of nuclear safety culture. Gather opinions of leading world experts. Analyze the best foreign developments. Reveal sentiments and expectations of Russian people themselves. Finally, put forward fresh initiatives, in which positions and interests of the government, business and civil society would be taken into account for the sake of everybody’s life and health.

All-Russian public organization “League of National Health” supports crew of the Foundation in implementation of such exploration. It could underlie of new environmental policy principles, which Russia urgently needs today. Health of every habitant of our country and his/her safety including safety in the face of environmental threats are out joint goals. We can achieve them only together.

With wishes to be successful in realization of all concepts,
Victor Antyukhov

Post-Crisis World Institute