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The Foundation “Post-crisis World Institute” has completed its widespread international exploration “Post-crisis Development Models”. Based on feedback of the exploration it was prepared a report “Post-crisis Development Models: Global War or a New Consensus”

Global expertise has revealed world-sensitive issue: world brainpower doesn’t conceive coming century as a time of easy peaceful development.  World crisis formed expectations of world order radical rearrangement.  The world is currently stands at the parting of the ways to adjudicate a dispute on who will be a leader in future and, which is the most important, on how the future leader will win his leadership in a very real sense.  Expert community formulated the main factors to stipulate leadership, which are especially timely for newly industrialized countries. Besides, the exploration gives and idea of possible ways of globalization and integration.

The inquiry was carried out among 247 experts who represented 53 countries of the world. Economists and financial analysts, owners and top-managers of leading companies, journalists specialized on economical and political subjects, scientists, futurologists and writers, politicians and public servants took part in the exploration.

Thus on an expert basis following world famous economists and political scientists took part in this inquiry:

• Felippe Cademartori Araujo, Japan, Researcher, Nagoya University;
• Colin I. Bradford, USA, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development, Brookings Institution Brookings Institution, a former chief economist at the U.S. Agency for International Development;
• Valery Geets, Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Economics under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
• Michael D. Intriligator, USA, Professor of Economics, Political Science, and Public Policy, University Of California, Los Angeles;
• Adriano Benayon, Brazil, University of Brasilia, Professor of Economics,  University of Brasilia; author of the “Globalization vs. the Development”;
• Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort, Spain, author of the “Monfort Plan”;
• Mikka D. Pineda, USA, Research Analyst, Roubini Global Economics LLC;
• Nikolay Petrakov, Russia, RAS Academician, Director of Market Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Science (RAS);
• Gikas A. Hardouvelis, Greece, Chief Economist, Head of Economic Research Eurobank EFG;
• Lucio-Mauro Vinhas de Souza, Belgium,  European  Commission, DG-ECFIN, Head Russia/Belarus Desk;
• Li Xin, China, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, Director of Institute for Economics Studies, Professor, Doctor of Economics;
and many other.

The report “Post-crisis Development Models: Global War or a New Consensus” based on feedback of the exploration will be officially submitted to international organizations, leaders of states and participants of expert inquiry.

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